FDS offers distinctive plans of action to bolster your one of a kind needs. More than 32 million B2B Decision Makers in our archive - Customized and Segmented.

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#501, Silverside Road Suite 105, Wilmington DE-19809


#501, Silverside Road Suite 105, Wilmington DE-19809


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is about unlimited open doors on the off chance that you know how to take care of business each time you post something or do an analysis


Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media services are aimed at helping you listen in to what people are talking about you, how and when you can chime in, managing and directing those conversations, and the tactics that work best on each and every social media network that is appropriate for your brand or business. As with everything, one size rarely fits all and so our social media service puts the focus clearly on what matters most to your company.



Brand Awareness

When people hear the term social media their minds usually head towards social site, however, there are many platforms out there. Finding the ones where you can connect with your customers is the real key.

FDS social media service is designed to keep you in total control of your messages across various social media networks, and is based on understanding your own unique business challenges and objectives.

Analize Anything

Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site.

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Own List

We own and maintain over 90 Million opt-in mail records that are sourced through subscriptions from our online portals, surveys etc.



Our dedicated data team of 500 members team verifies the records on an ongoing basis to keep them current and accurate



B2B Email databases that are custom built based on specific target demographics like Industry, Company, Phone Number. etc.



We at Fortunedataservices can customize the Data by Industry, Title, Revenue, geography and SIC Codes.

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